Is it important to restrict building and enforce strict design guidelines in Laguna Beach? Explain.

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The distinctive character of our neighborhoods makes Laguna Beach special.

The Vision Laguna 2030 report cited neighborhood preservation as a key goal. Many felt that neighborhoods were in danger of being overwhelmed by out of character houses. To address this concern, the City Council adopted and is enforcing the mansionization rules.

These rules recognize the uniqueness of each neighborhood. Each project is judged on its own qualities and how it preserves neighborhood character.

I oppose using a one-size-fits-all approach to judging projects, since this approach does not recognize unique qualities. What fits in Irvine Cove may not work at all in Canyon Acres.

Our biggest problem now is relationships among neighbors during and after the design review process. I formed the Design Review Task Force to address this issue and to give recommendations regarding making the process more amicable.

I support both preservation of our neighborhoods and a more amicable design review process.

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Last updated 10/15/04.