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By Cheryl Kinsman

In fewer than two weeks, you will be voting for two positions on your City Council. To help you make an informed decision, my positions on the issues are listed below:

  • South Coast Medical Center: We must save our hospital, South Coast Medical Center. I am committed to saving this valuable community resource.
  • City finances: As the only Certified Public Accountant to serve on the Council, I know that Laguna Beach is in the best financial condition in its history. I also know that your vote in favor of Proposition 1A on the ballot will guarantee that money raised locally will remain available for local needs.
  • Vision Laguna 2030: Fred Droz, chair of Vision Laguna 2030, said recently, "I am heartened by the citizen and city effort to implement many recommendations from the Final Report. Mansionization, the election festival, the Ocean Laguna effort and the traffic and parking study are good examples of the implementation process."
  • Where do we want parking? Since serving on the Village Entrance Task Force ten years ago, I have supported providing the maximum number of parking spaces downtown, across from the Festival grounds and the Playhouse. The plan I support contains 50 percent more downtown parking than the plans of the other candidates.
  • Neighborhood protection: During the last four years, we have adopted and enforced mansionization rules, guaranteeing protection of our neighborhoods. According to the chair of the Design Review Board, the mansionization ordinances have led to "Shorter houses and stricter compliance with the hillside guidelines," which will lead to less obtrusive structures in Laguna Beach.
  • Water Quality: The environmental group Heal the Bay, rating our 17 beaches, graded 15 as "A+" and 2 as "A." We have dramatically reduced sewer spills in the last four years--a nearly 99% decrease.
  • Treasure Island Park: In 1998, while I was on the Planning Commission, the City Council considered the contract for Treasure Island Park. As a Planning Commissioner, I expressed my belief that parking for the project was inadequate and that the contract needed review by the Planning Commission That Council ignored that input. Had the Council listened, we would have avoided many of the concerns we have now.

    However, there is no "$7.5 million cost overrun on the Treasure Island Park." The park budget was negotiated by the previous Council, which increased the park size by over one acre and added numerous improvements, including covered parking, view corridors, public restrooms and a modified handicapped access ramp. The only major change that occurred after I joined the council was the addition of water quality improvements. The California Coastal Commission cited this project as "a model project," which sets the standard for others throughout California.

  • Negative campaigning: I am proud that I have run a positive campaign, running on my past record and my future plans for our city. I am opposed to negative campaigning in any form.
  • Those are my views on the important issues facing us. If you are interested in more information, you can find it on my website,

    Please vote for Cheryl Kinsman for City Council.

    I very much appreciate the Independent and its editor, Stu Saffer providing this opportunity to communicate with the people of Laguna Beach. I urge all Lagunans to join me in supporting this paper by attending the Independentıs Fund raiser on Saturday, October 23, at the Festival Grounds.

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    Last updated 10/21/04.