South Laguna Village Planning

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South Laguna has been ignored for too long. Once, the area had a thriving downtown like Laguna Beach, but through the years it has been neglected and the Village area of South Laguna has deteriorated. We cannot continue to neglect this area, and certainly cannot allow it to deteriorate further.

Recent history:

In 1987, the City of Laguna Beach annexed South Laguna, an area that had been under the control of the County of Orange. Since 1987, South Laguna has undergone few changes--noticeable ones have been the removal of Aliso Pier and the addition of a large doctors office complex at the hospital. Less noticeable ones have been the re-zoning of Three Arch Bay into its own zoning district and the legalization of many of the South Laguna's "granny flats."

South Laguna is different than traditional Laguna Beach, with a residential area built around a village that includes the hospital. Many vacant lots dot Coast Highway, and in general commercial buildings are not as well maintained and rent for lower prices than in the rest of Laguna. In planning terms, the South Laguna village area is an area in transition. South Laguna Village was once the center of life in South Laguna. It can be again.

To insure the revitalization of South Laguna, a subcommittee of the Laguna Beach Planning Commission began a series of planning workshops regarding South Laguna VillageŠthe area bounded by Bluff Drive to the North and South Coast Hospital on the South. As the chairperson of that subcommittee, I would like to invite you to join us in the planning process. The workshops, which have been very well attended to date, are intended to gather information on what the people of South Laguna would like to see in this area. For some, the village provides an opportunity for resident and family serving businesses; for others, it provides a vision of a promenade; and for others it provides either the opportunity for or the specter of more commercial development.

To date, the workshops have identified the uses of the buildings along Coast Highway; have discussed what the "feel" of the South Laguna Village area should be; and is preparing a plan for the future of South Laguna. Watch this paper for our next meeting date and time. I hope that you will be there to join your South Laguna neighbors in helping plan for the South Laguna Village you want. The hearings to date have been friendly and cooperative, with neighbors joining together to discuss what they want for their neighborhood. Please attend our next meeting!

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