The Arts in Laguna Beach

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The Arts have always been important in Laguna Beach. From our summer and winter festivals to our opportunities to enjoy live stage and music productions, our cultural heritage is rich. Laguna is blessed with a first class art museum and a first class college of art and design.

During the past four years, we have supported our arts with a business improvement district, a voluntary bed tax imposed by the hotels and motels of Laguna Beach to support our cultural resources.

We have also provided support through community grants to arts and other organizations in Laguna Beach.

Available theater stage space is a critical need for our performing artists. We have worked over the past year to help alleviate that problem with the high school, and I am committed to adding to the local available performance venues over the next four years.

One of our major problems in Laguna, which affects the arts and all other activities in Laguna Beach, is traffic and parking. Parking is critical to making the arts experience more pleasant for our visitors and locals alike. Please see the button on the left labelled "Parking & Traffic" for more information on this subject.

We also need to assure that artists can afford studios and living space in Laguna Beach. We have done this and will continue to do this with creative artist "live-work" zoning in some areas of the city.

Arts in Laguna
Arts have always been important in Laguna Beach

Last updated 07/02/08.