Laguna's kids

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Our kids are our future. We need to do more to help the children of Laguna Beach. My two sons have played Little League Baseball and AYSO soccer and I have seen that the playing fields and parks in Laguna Beach are wholly inadequate and too few in number. We owe it to the neighbors of the baseball and soccer fields to reduce the over usage of these facilities. We have successfully worked with the school district to open new baseball and soccer fields over the past four years.

Laguna has completed five new parks in the past four years, and many of these are dedicated to the needs of children. We will continue to add recreational and play facilities for our kids over the next four years.

The City needs to continue to work jointly with public and private agencies, such as the School District, the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, Little League and AYSO to fund and acquire additional recreation sites.

Nicholas and Joshua Kinsman
at Riddle Field

Last updated 07/02/08.