Parking and Traffic

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Parking is a critical shortage in Laguna Beach. I favor building a parking structure across the street from the Laguna Playhouse and the Festival of Arts, an area called the "Village Entrance." I was one of the members of the Village Entrance Task force that proposed this parking in 1996.

In the 2004 election, I pledged to you that we would move the city maintenance facilities to Laguna Canyon, and that those facilities would be built in an environmentally sensitive way. That has now been completed, and the result is at the "Act V" parking lot in Laguna Canyon. Because we did that, there is more parking available for citizens currently at the Forest Avenue parking lot next to City Hall.

We continue to need more parking, and we need to finish the Village Entrance parking area. That will be completed in the next four years.

Last updated 07/02/08.