Quality of life

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We are fortunate to live in this special place that we call our home. Laguna Beach is very different from the rest of Orange County--it has a different personality, a different flavor, a unique quality of life. We are a small town and proud of that. We like the feeling of belonging, of participating, and of making a difference that might not be open to us in another place.

We all want to protect our special place. We want clean air and water, more open space, protection from crowds and constant traffic, from noise, from light and other pollution.

During the last eight years, we have reversed years of infrastructure neglect to clean up our ocean water and beaches.

In the next four years, we must solve the problem of parking and traffic. See the button on the left labelled "Parking & Traffic" for a discussion of this issue.

Clean water.  Now.
Laguna has become the leader in eliminating
coastal and urban water pollution.
Nicholas Kinsman at his
lemonade stand, July 4, 2000.
It was a great success!
Laguna Beach must continue to reach out to keep our important institutions and to bring our neighborhoods together. During the past four years, we have signed leases with the Festival of Arts and the Laguna Playhouse to insure their staying in Laguna Beach.

In the next four years, we must reach out to save our hospital, South Coast Medical Center. Click the button on the left labelled "Save our Hospital" for details.

We all know we cannot accommodate all who want to be here, but we also know we cannot put up gates outside of town. Preservation of community identity includes protection of diversity and interaction with others.

Last updated 07/02/08.