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Cheryl Kinsman, Laguna Beach Councilmember

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Read (1/18/04)
Downtown parking, the sewer lateral ordinance may cost you big bucks, State budget woes
Read (4/12/04)
Rock it for the Rocketship, and A Day of Dance
Read (5/31/04)
Parking, State budget, Heisler Park, Hospital, Invitation, Memorial Day
Read (12/4/02)
Laguna Canyon Road Construction
Read (7/10/03)
Bluebird Park, City Maintenance Yard, Memorial Day, Tri-tunnel traffic
Read (10/17/03)
Downtown parking, City maintenance yard, Getting rid of household hazardous liquids and electronics
Read (1/26/02)
El Toro Airport
Read (4/7/02)
City Budgets
Read (6/16/02)
City Budget priorities
Read (Early-01)
Festival Lease
Read (Mid-01)
Sign Ordinance
Read (11/6/01)
Water Quality

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